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Welcome to Billabong Clubhouse

Billabong is a community that is safe for everyone: a place to embrace your strengths and to build new skills. We value the unique experiences that each person contributes to our inclusive and vibrant environment. As a participant, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a place that is full of fun and laughter. Billabong is really what you make it, so if you would like to join in on fun groups and games, come on in! If you are more focused on building and sharing skills, then we are also the place for you!

Billabong is designed to assist people living with mental illness. It is a place where people can regain confidence and skills. Billabong provides a sense of belonging for participants, and everyone is made to feel welcome and appreciated. Every program at Billabong is facilitated by participants working side by side with staff.

People who come to Billabong participate voluntarily. How many days and hours per week you participate, is entirely up to you!

Even more important, a structured day at Billabong can encourage people to develop a routine of getting up, getting showered and dressed, and having somewhere to go for the day!

In these trying times, please remember there are a range of services that can provide you with counselling and support.

Click here to see the list of counselling and support services available.

See the programs page for more info!